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artwork for my game

artwork for my game


button button stuff

actual college work from college


not college work haha

my new doublade gwen~

she looks more like a doublade in her other outfit, this is her casual outfit

Stuff from college that isnt actually for college hah. 


good golly gosh im nearing 100 followers on this blog

what are you all doing here???

maybe ill do something nice for the big 100 

sorry i havent been too active drawing wise, been playing pokemon and other games. not much drawing, no inspiration either.

Either way this is aello my lugia gijinka, im revamping her a bit, mostly the outfit

this pose is awkward as fudge but ive gotten this far now, so ill just learn for next time

Perry as morrigan for halloween

perry outfits

deisgns women everyday all day

makes shrugging motions